A star is born?

A star is born?

2014 március 07 06:20 in Friss híreink

Despite a few &aws, the 5000TL from China’s Growatt New Energy can hold its own against many European devices

Just last month, we published the results of PHOTON Laboratory’s tests of a promising new inverter from Chinese manufacturer Sungrow – the SG4KTL (see PI 1/2011, p. 118). But that device is already being forced to make way for a new challenger from the East. !e 5000TL, made by Shenzhen, China-based Zhejiang Growatt New Energy Co. Ltd., which was founded less than a year ago, performs well at latitudes with medium irradiation levels and even better at higher irradiation levels. But the numbers don’t tell the full story – PHOTON Lab discovered a few problems during testing.

First o”, a#er signing the usual test agreement with the manufacturer, the lab had to place signi$cant limitations on the candidate’s voltage range in order to produce usable results without running the risk of an overload. Moreover, Growatt’s speci$cations for this single-phase inverter are somewhat confusing: the data in the accompanying manual differ from the information on the device’s type plate – and both di”er from the values listed on the company’s website. For example, PHOTON Lab discovered inconsistencies related to the unit’s weight and nominal power on both the DC and AC sides.

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