Growatt inverter

Reliable solar system with fast payback period and our short delivery time!

The time period to get a fully operational system is important for you in case of an investment.

GROWATT inverters have become a concept in many countries after their entry of the particular market, because of their top reliability, high efficiency and competitive price.

Want to install the solar system quickly?

Advantages of Growatt inverters!


Easy design
Fast authorization process

Prompt purchase
Easy installation


Small size and weight
Prepared for quick install
Have extended warranty
Half year remote access for FREE


Reasonable price
High efficiency
Top quality proven by their long warranty period
Growatt products have high level of product support

The authorization process is quick and easy…

Quick and easy installation of the inverter from our Hungarian stock!

Besides handling trade and installation, as the official partner of GROWATT factory in this region we provide warranty service and professional education of the inverters sold by us.

A tanúsítványok megszerzése:

A Growatt transzformátor nélküli inverterek hatásfoka a harmadik legmagasabb a világon a PHOTON laboratórium mérései szerint. A Kínai gyártók közül a legjobb. Megállják a helyüket az európai gyártók között, mivel:

– The efficiency of newly developed IGBT system is better
– The operating point follow up algorithm has high technology (MPPT: Maximum Power Point Tracking)
– >99.9% is the efficiency of MPPT
– Wide range of input voltage
– Efficiently designed low-frequency isolation transformer is built in
– High-end anti-island technology
– Thanks to the full protection, high level of reliability
– MPPT and CVT (Constant Voltage Transformer )technologies
– Multilingual liquid crystal screen setup and various communication interfaces
– Security and operational settings are adjustable
– Easy setup, installation and maintenance

All three service provider – E.ON, EDF-DEMASZ, ELMŰ-ÉMÁSZ – allow to install these PV solar inverters on their grids in Hungary

Download and compare Growatt inverters to the solar inverters offered by other manufacturers in Hungary

The manuals and data sheets for planning of GROWATT inverters are available both English and Hungarian languages.

Do you want to read the installation manual?

Do you want to know, what kind of services can be accessed?

Do you want to become a reseller?

Are you wondering what do you get for your money?

We guarantee for you that,

  1. we provide proper transport, storage, assembly, installation, operation and maintenance conditions in order to ensure the smooth operation of the inverter.
  2. all the steps of process considering set up and installation is carried out exclusively by qualified technician or engineer. During installation, local and national standards related to the power grid are considered.
  3. we provide you pre-planned preventive maintenance or service of the inverter upon request.
Are you wondering what do you get for your money?