Warranty issues

To facilitate the warranty procedure please choose the most applicable from the following 3 case types and fill out the given form!

Service assistant

Service assistant

Service assistant manual

Service assistant manual

Growatt factory warranty

Growatt inverters have 5 years warranty starting from the installation

This warranty ticket is valid for the parts and possible mistakes in planning.

The followings are not included into the list of warranty problems:

  • installation or implementation mistakes
  • delivery damage
  • if the installation and maintenance instructions in the Maintenance Manual are not followed
  • originated from the not proper ventilation of the system
  • Unauthorized modifications or changes or attempt to repair
  • Improper use, ignoring safety instructions

Vismajor (eg .: lightning, surge, storm, fire damage)

Warranty conditions

If the problem occurs with the device during the warranty period Growatt can handle it based on cost-effectiveness according to the followings:

  • repair onsite
  • repair in the service center of Growatt
  • replacement of the defective device by an inverter at least in the same condition and age

in this latter case the warranty period does not elongate the warranty period of the original device. Growatt does not give new authorization to the new inverter.

During the warranty period it is Growatt’s right to consider the way of completion of its warranty obligations.

In case of the inverter is scheduled for replacement Growatt does not take over any shipping costs from the customer (as shipping fees, loss of wages, loss of production, etc.)

We take over the warranty administration burden from you.

We can handle your warranty case from the warranty stock of EU-Solar Ltd. in 48 hours.

The only thing you need to do is to fill out the warranty registration form and send to us. If you have a problem fill it now online and you do not even need to print.

Please pay attention filling out the document!


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