Free Professional Designer’s Guide (PDG) from Growatt

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The Professional Designer’s Guide (PDG) contains among others the following documents considering GROWATT inverters:

our free softwares
design templates in .DWG format
templates for representing the roof of the building

ShineDesign – designing software

Download now and enjoy all the free PV-solar system designing software from GROWATT.


You can design your PV-solar with Growatt inverter system fast and easy with GROWATT ShineDesign software.
During the designing procedure you can define a wide range of parameters of your solar system from the thickness of cables to the choice of solar panels, while the professional system guide you continuously optimizing your plan for the best. The system marks the set ups not suggested in orange the insufficient solutions in red color.

There is a possibility in the designing software to set up new locations and PV-solar systems so the application can be completely personalized.

The designing software estimates the optimal PV-solar system based on mathematic models and algorithms. The designing software not replaces the engineer’s knowledge the results are only serve as references. These have to be validated by professional and adjust to the actual location.

ShineNet monitoring software

With its help you can monitor and save the data of operation and full yield of your PV-solar system.


The end-user can browse the real-time and saved data and analyze the curves of solar production. The ShineNet software can communicate via Bluetooth or RS port with the inverter. The evaluation of the solar production data provided by ShineNet monitoring software is easy. Visit and use the free remote monitoring system of Growatt. After a simple registration the production data sent by the GrowattShineWebbox can be observed in graph or table format. – Daily, monthly and yearly production data – Event log – Daily, weekly and monthlyreports in excel – e-mail notifications – Instant notice in case of error and malfunction. Installer companies can group their installed systems, unlimited number of inverters can be added. The Growatt server can accept data not only from Growatt inverters.

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