0 Ft electric bill with warranty? Do you know the life without energy bills?

How can you have 0 Ft electric bill?


1. Ask quotation for full implementation!
2. Design it for yourself to save even 50% of design fee!
3. Purchase Growatt inverter for wholesale price!

What we provide warranty for?


1. Professional design!
2. Fast and high quality implementation!
3. Warranted 0 Ft electric bill!

We do not decrease overhead cost! WE ELIMINATE THAT!

0 Ft electric bill with warranty?

We design your system to not have electric bill any more.

Professional design?

Our experts prepare fast and professional plan based on the data you provided.

Fast and high quality implementation?

In case you entrust us by the implementation we undertake it by short deadline and full warranty.

So… what do You need to do?

1. Take out your electric bill based on which your consumption can be estimated
2. Give us the data of your consumption!
3. Take a picture of your electric meter to be able to see the serial number as well!
4. Take picture of circuit breakers after the electric meter with readable data.
5. Take a picture of the main hub(in which the lot of circuit breakers are).
6. Describe the orientation and tilt of the roof of your house that get the most sunshine.

Please provide for the authorization procedure at the service provider:

1. partner code:
2. address of consumer site, (lot number):
3. identifier of consumer site:
4. name of user/consumer:
5. contact person:
6. telephone number:
7. e-mail address:
8. mailing address

Based on the data provided:

1. we provide you with a proposal of a complete system based on your place and consumption
2. we prepare the plan of electricity and the protection plan of lightning
3. we fulfill the authorization procedure at the electric provider


We respect your work by a 50% discount so you are entitled for a 80 000 Ft discount from the 160 000 Ft cost.

Please collect for the authorization procedure at the service provider:

1. please mark on the floor plan the electric meter and the main switchboard
2. the roof plan with sizes
3. copy of map from the Land Registry Office
4. copy of title deed
5. please sign the producer’s statement


(In case of overproduction you ask the overpayment back from the service provider)

We offer the implementation as well. We install your complete system in 4-5 days. What next? Register!

Please provide your data!

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