PHOTON inverter teszt

PHOTON inverter teszt

2014 március 07 06:11 in Friss híreink

Our goal: Helping system operators select the right inverters.

Since the beginning of 2007, we at PHOTON Lab have employed our own inverter test methodology. In agreement with our test partners, the test results are regularly published in PHOTON magazines. To make these results easier to comprehend, the editorial staff, drawing its inspiration from school report cards, launched a grading system with its own testing certifi cates: grades range from A to F. The highest grade (»A«) has three different levels: an A grade, an A+ or an A++. An F grade is assigned to an inverter with an effi ciency so poor that it‘s essentially not worth the money paid for it. In this sense, devices like these are too expensive to even give away. To assign a grade, we fi rst need to determine the effi ciency to which the grade refers. Both peak effi ciency and European effi ciency aren‘t wellsuited for this purpose. That is why PHOTON decided to defi ne its own effi ciency value, the value of which far exceeds conventional effi ciency data (see box p. 5). Furthermore, the goal of this grading system is to enable better comparisons of individual devices…

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